Water Restoration

Having a

water damage

emergency in your house due to a burst pipe, a roof leak or a heavy summer storm can be quite devastating. Also, finding a qualified company to deal with the emergency can add to your stress. This is because not all companies that clean carpet and even advertise that they handle

water damage

are qualified to dry down your wet home and contents.

Therefore, to put your life back to normal and with the least disruption, you need Carpet Cleaning Professionals which provides a 24 hour emergency service. Carpet cleaning professional’s technicians don’t just clean your carpet, but they clean up after themselves as well, replacing furniture and leaving your home in top condition.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals can handle water damage properly; it requires the company and its technicians to be appropriately trained in the science of drying. Carpet Cleaning Professionals has the required monitoring instruments that can detect the presence of moisture even behind walls and under floors.

Only after adequate testing with these sensitive instruments can you be sure that your home is thoroughly dried out and safe from potential build up of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. A professional water damage restoration firm will have special air movers that direct large volumes of air along the floors, walls and carpets to speed up the drying time. They will also have commercial dehumidifiers that may be needed when conditions in the home are humid and drying the air becomes important.

We provide immediate service in the event of water damage. Our emergency crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services include extraction of dirt and water, sanitization, carpet odor treatment.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals Restoration Cleaning Services offer:
  • On-site estimate
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services 13 4 CLEAN
  • Appraisal of results you can expect
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
We use an effective 5 stage system for dealing with water damage.
  1. All water is extracted using high suction intake extraction machines. 
  2. An anti-browning treatment is applied to prevent any brown water stains appearing on the carpet.
  3. Our unique mould treatment is applied to prevent any mould from growing underneath the carpet.
  4. The carpet is then deodorised using our unique odour absorber deodoriser which not only covers the odour but attacks and eliminates the source of the odour.
  5. The carpet is then dry cleaned giving the effected area a clean and uniform appearance to the rest of the carpet.


Water Restoration
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